As A Samoan Female, I Absolutely Despise Hearing Individuals Claim These 12 Things.

As A Samoan Female, I Absolutely Despise Hearing Individuals Claim These 12 Things.

If another individual tells me I’m also skinny to be Samoan, I will shed my mind.

1. “You’re as well skinny to be Samoan.”.

This one really pisses me off. Prior to the colonization of the Pacific, Polynesians lived off the land. They were usually in wonderful form, eating only what nature provided. It wasn’t until the Westernization of the islands that processed/junk food was introduced over time. Now that some islanders are heavier from consuming these foods and adjusting their way of livings to fit with Western perfects, they’re criticized for it? As well as it’s a surprise if I don’t fit the stereotype that all Samoans are big? GTFO.

2. “Are you a hula professional dancer?”.

Hula is a sacred dancing type that has actually been passed down for generations in Hawai’i. While I did most likely to a hu0101lau (dance school) while growing up and also was taught hula there, many Polynesians have not. It would be more considerate to ask me if I have actually found out any kind of Samoan dancing, given that I’m Samoan.

3. “Can I get a Samoan tattoo?”.

Did you know the word “tattoo” really comes from the Samoan word “tatau”? My Samoan tattoos represent protection, function, instructions, and also staying grounded; they connect me with my society and also forefathers. To obtain the standard tattoo is a fantastic honor; it represents a person’s approval of their duty to their neighborhood as well as celebrates their permanent commitment to the culture.

I’m quite traditional in my stance on this: Our tattoos are too deeply rooted in the society for an outsider to obtain. I uncommitted if you value the islands or our culture. If you don’t have islander blood going through your blood vessels, you shouldn’t get an islander tattoo.

The writer'& #x 27; s hand tattoo.

  • Morgan Sloss/ BuzzFeed.

4. “You do not look Samoan! You look Persian, Mexican, etc”.

Please, simply quit. After that if I tell you I’m Samoan, why would certainly you still compare me to various other races/ethnicities?

5. “I mosted likely to Hawai’i on trip once!”.

Cool? I’m not Ku0101naka Maoli (Native Hawaiian). While Hawai’i is at the top of the Polynesian triangular, it’s quite far from Samoa. If you bring up Hawai’i when I tell you I’m Samoan, it seems like you’re lumping us together as well as do not acknowledge us individually.

6. “Can I spruce up as a hula dancer for Halloween?”.

In my opinion, it’s completely fine to spruce up as a certain individual. Lilo and Moana are incredibly prominent, and I assume it’s fine to clothe up as them as you would certainly any kind of various other Disney character.

I do not assume it’s all right to dress up as a hula professional dancer in basic. Hula is a really important component of Hawaiian society, and also we need to all understand by now that making use of people’s societies for Halloween costumes is wrong. Simply stick with Lilo and also Moana, please.

Lilo and also Moana.


7. “Where are you from? No, where are you actually from?”.

I hate this entire cat-and-mouse video game. If you have an interest in my ethnic background, just ask! There’s no need to defeat around the bush.

8. “You need to be great at sporting activities if you’re Samoan.”.

Um, no. It’s so unusual to me that Polynesians are continuously shoved right into this box. Even if I’m Samoan does not imply I’m super sports. I would certainly a lot instead crinkle up with a great book than workout.

9. “You do not speak Samoan? You’re not truly Samoan, then.”.

Like several children of immigrants, I comprehend greater than I talk. I’m currently dealing with it, yet honestly? It’s nobody else’s organization. My blood is Samoan, whether I’m proficient.

10. “Can you do the haka?”.

The haka is a ritualistic dance, typically come with by shouting. It is practiced by the Mu0101ori, the Aboriginal people of Aotearoa (New Zealand). The just one I know is the Ka Companion haka, popularized by the All Blacks. Yet this question reminds me of the Hawai’i ones because it makes me ask yourself if you recognize we are different peoples.

11. “Samoans aren’t Indigenous.”.

This is just silly to me since you can spend one minute on Google and also enlighten yourself. Samoans are the Indigenous people of– shocker!– Samoa.

12. And lastly, “You’re so exotic!”.

This isn’t the praise you assume it is. If you call a woman unique, you’re primarily claiming her beauty is “other”– versus the background of mainstream white beauty. It’s also kind of derogatory, like I’m an animal at a zoo. If you’re attempting to be great, any one of the usual praises you provide to females will do!