How to Get Free Gems In Clash Royale

How to Get Free Gems In Clash Royale

There are few things in this world that can make me happier than being able to get loads of Clash Royale free gems just for testing out the game. Of course it’s not that simple as you tend to see (trust me; they never quite work) but the good news is, I have done the research and can help you. OK, enough of that. Below I’ll explain how to actually get free gems with your mobile device and then I can teach you how to use that gem money to purchase more gems.

As always, if you want to play the latest version of clash royale, you should download the free mobile app from the Android Market. The official app has been modified to be a lot simpler and more enjoyable to play than the version seen on mobiles previously. And, you no longer have to enter your credit card details each time you wish to play the game, you simply tap the screen to start the game and you are set to cash in on all those free gems!

Clash Royale has numerous versions across several countries. To play the free mobile version, you first need to install the Clash Royale free app on your device. This is basically the same formula that the official app uses, however, instead of using the email and Google login, you use your Facebook and Twitter social logins. That’s really all there is to it.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you then need to sign up for an account at Facebook and/or Twitter. Once you’ve done this, simply go to the main interface and sign in. You’ll be asked to verify your identity, just like when you signed up to any social network. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll be prompted to create one.

After doing this, you’ll be able to log in and download the Clash Royale Unlimited Gold and Gems free version or the iOS version. You can also get a referral code by signing up for the free gems in the app. If you play enough games, you can actually gain gems that you can exchange for cash.

These apps can be played without downloading them, but most people do want to be able to trade their free gems for cash. Since these apps have been out for a while, many people have already developed strategies to maximize the amount of free gems they earn and the specials they receive. With a little patience, you should be able to accumulate as much gold and rare items from these apps as you can from spending real money to play these games.