What are the Three Major Components of PMP Certification Cost?

What are the Three Major Components of PMP Certification Cost?

For PMP certification seekers, the cost of the certification is an important consideration. Some Certification course applicants think about the examination and cost of training. What are the overall expected costs associated with PMP certification? 

What should you prepare for your PMP certification? Aside from the education and exam price, however, if there are any other costs associated with the Certificate? However, there are many other study costs linked with PMP certification cost.

The following are the three primary costs associated with PMP certification:

• $555 for the PMP exam

• Time to prepare for the PMP: six months

• The cost of the PMP certificate program ranges from $50 to $3500.

We’ll get above each of these expense items in-depth, one after the other.

Exam Fee for PMP Certification

The PMP exam price is available in two pricing options from PMI. If you want to join PMI at the moment of your registration, you will only have to spend 555 USD for both the exam and registration fees. The fee for the PMP Certificate program is 555 USD for those who are not PMI membership and 405 USD for PMI participants.

Therefore, whether you choose to join or not, the total cost remains the same. As a result, we propose that you join PMI as part of your PMP certification. However, joining gives you free exposure to PMI materials for a year, such as the PMBOK.

PMP Certification Course Guide: How much does a Certification course cost?

The Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate is a highly significant credential for project managers. When you perform or plan on working in the program management sector, and you still don’t have a Certification, you should understand the value of having one. On the other hand, you’re probably also looking for the Certification course cost. We’ll go over the PMP certification cost in this blog post so you can prepare correctly. However, people who are professionally qualified as project leaders are in short supply as the product development sector grows in popularity.

Is it Worth It to Get a PMP Certification?

After taking a close look at the costs of obtaining your PMP certification, it’s time to consider the major question: is obtaining your PMP certification cost worth the money? You could very well be looking at a total cost of around $2,400 to $2,500. As a result, a modest investment now that will pay handsomely in the ahead as your potential earnings grow. However, these prices may vary depending on your training selections, but this is the ballpark figure.

So put that in context, the PMI believes that project leaders who have earned their certification earn around 20% more than those who do not.