What do you about the Sodium Butyrate Supplier

What do you about the Sodium Butyrate Supplier

There are twenty eight known suppliers for the sodium butyrate. There could be more but world famous 28. These are from six countries around the world. Among 28 maximums are from China i.e. eleven, four from Europe and two from the United States of America. These sodium butyrate supplier belong to four different types of producer and suppliers. Sodium butyrate is a kind of salt of butyric acid. It is unique in its nature among biological functions of the human body. The choice of manufacture must be important as the chemical product must be controlled and produced according to quality standards.  

The list of reputed suppliers is as below;

Titan biotech is one of the leading manufacturers of sodium butyrate of high quality.  This company has 25 years of manufacturing experience.

Shandong Minglang Chemical Co., Ltd. This is a large manufacturer of different chemicals and cosmetic materials in China. It is located in Nanwang district Linzi. This company manufactures sodium butyrate and supplies to different parts of the world.

Conscientia Industrial Co. This company is generally a manufacturer of pharmaceutical ingredients and raw material. It is also a supplier of sodium butyrate.

Sancai Industry Co. This company is involved in supplying different chemicals and medical equipment for personal care. It is a supplier of Benzyhydrazine and sodium butyrate. It has a global marketing network and independent research center for the supply of these chemicals.   

Autech Industry Co. This company was established in 2006 in Jinan city. Basically it is a scientific and chemical technology Development Company. It deals with cosmetic material, pesticide and auxiliaries and other chemicals. This company not only supplies the Acryloyloxy Ethyl Trimethyl but also sodium butyrate chemical.

Beside these famous manufacturing as well as big suppliers of sodium butyrate there are many other chemical suppliers of this salt.